raised/ shanghai, china
based/ arlington, va (t - 3 months)
based/ toronto, canada

as a multidisciplinary designer, stein wang’s work fuses materials and media in different dimensions to create compelling experiences. he pursues design as a logical exploration of human and object desires, and seeks design outcomes for personal and societal augmentations. his interest in emerging technologies, scientific research and social trends is often represented in his work

education/ mba - emory university
education/ b.des - ocad university

oh and now, stein is a managment consultant 💁🏻‍♂️

stein is into
  1. ︎Jack︎ My Man
  2. Parker the Lamb Dog
  3. Latte, with Whole Milk
  4. Éclair au Chocolat à La Crème Pâtissière
  5. Good Smells
  6. Pasta, the Proper Ones
  7. Quiet Spaces
  8. Plushy Towels
  9. Things other people consider as Bougie