competence: other things that i can do


the projects show my skills in different forms, just not all. some more here


data analytics and visualization

the project focuses on illustrating the strength and fluctuation of various currency rates over a period of ten years, from 2005-2015. it offers an insight in the relationship between currency and various economic factors including GDP, inflation rate and stock exchange data which dictate a country’s overall economic status

view the project at

collaborated with matt guida and devjoy roy

material exploration

it was all fun when you get a pet for the first time (except for the potty training...). when i watched my puppy get his haircut, my heart melted.

i asked the groomer to save his fur, so i can make something to remember this moment. a lampshade is created using an aluminum mesh for its base as a heat sink and felted Parker (yup, that's my puppy's name) fur for a soft illuminating quality. 

digital experience

sync. is a project in collaboration with PUSH and Brock University's varsity rowing team. it is a wearable product with integrated mobile applications using top sport technology for both athletes and coaches to visualize and improve their performance. the applications are designed to meet environmental and operational usability needs of the users

click on the link for more information about the project

collaborated with topher kong and jeremy stein

spatial experience

make shift shelter is the debut project of Studio Hi Thanks Bye. we collaborated with DesignExchange and Centre for Social Innovation to design a lounge space for toronto's landmark - Honest Ed's farewell party. the 900 sq ft space is restocked with functional furniture and deco pieces created with products and goods which we collected before Honest Ed's closure. 

a giant bean bag assembled using snow pants, mop heads and Mirvish theatre posters, a playful welcome for all party guests