hearty: passive chf monitor system

effortless patient monitoring

despite recent advancements in medical care, congestive heart failure (CHF) remains a major public health problem. the needs and abilities of patients with HF vary from one person to the next.

the primary aim of this project is to focus on the types of vital monitoring that do not require constant observation under specific contexts in order to maximize the value of each monitoring opportunity.


project outcome

A system that evaluates a patient’s heart rate (HR), blood pressure (BP), basal body temperature and dry body weight (BW) under a specific context. 

The HR and BP will be measured under three circumstances: before taking medications, at peak blood concentration of medications, and during/post physical exertion. Thus, HR and BP measurements will help the medical team track a patient’s vitals at rest and during exercise and determine if the medication dosage is effective for a particular patient.

Measuring body temperature during the first urination of the day presents a short but precise opportunity to analyze this temperature daily and within the same parameters. A sensor will measure the temperature of urine in the morning as it is very likely that the patient will have to relieve him or herself after a night’s sleep. 



video introduction to hearty

this project was realized in collaboration with Topher KongJeremy Stein and Dominik Gmeiner