wayhome: the sound of silence

There cannot be light without darkness
and in this ethos echoes the notion of
 the sound of silence.

we proposed an interactive installation that offers an unexpected experience for WayHome attendees to reflect and admire tranquility in The Sound of Silence.

the installation consists of a maze-like structure and a sound deprivation chamber.

staggered painted plywood wall panels form an environment that includes three entrances which serve to disperse the crowd. they are concentrically placed around to mystify and intrigue participants to venture deep into the maze. anticipation builds and gradually reaches a peak as participants explore the space and discover the gates of the chamber with its acoustic foam covered walls. an unexpected experience awaits!

the experience

the chamber engulfs the participants in the power and awe of silence. once immersed in a quiet and neutral space, the participants will become aware of their body, rediscover their senses as well as presence in space. time in the second environment is calm and serene - silence powerful and moving in its effect. the absence of sound in this environment is surreal in its effect on the senses as the shock stands in contrast to what is experienced outside. taking inspiration from sensory deprivation tanks, the secondary space is insulated with sound dampening material to reduce as much noise as possible.

rendering and model

this project was realized in collaboration with Topher KongJeremy SteinFang Yuan and Avis Ho